We have received the eCompetence book back from the printers and will begin disseminating them to authors soon.  If authors who contributed would like a copy and feel that we may have the wrong address listed, please send your updated address to

We received a number of high quality, interesting papers from within the eCompetence project as well as a few externally, including Gilly Salmon and Seb Schmoller, and are pleased with the result.

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eComp book beginning

Chapter 1 - Thomas Pfeffer

Intro - Editors

Chapter 2 - Claudio Dondi, Elisa Mancinell and Michela Moretti

Chapter 3 - Dirk Schneckenberg and Johannes Wild

Chapter 4 - Marjo Stalmeier

Chapter 5 - Annamaria Silvana de Rosa

Chapter 6 - Jef Van Den Branden & Wim Van Petegem

Chapter 7 - Michael Kerres and Steffi Engert

Chapter 8 - Marina Tomàs, Mònica Feixas, Carme Armengol, Diego Castro and José Manual Yabar

Chapter 9 - Jill Fresen, Dolf Steyn and Alta Marx

Chapter 10 - Pantelis Balaouras, Coastas Tsibanis, Spiros Bolis and Lazaros Merakos

Chapter 11 - Maurice De Volder

Chapter 12 - Helle Bækkelund

Chapter 13 - Miguel Arjona, Javier Ortiz, Carlos Mendez and Juan Peire

Chapter 14 - Taru Jokinen, Anna-Kaarina Kairamo and Riikka Rissanen

Chapter 15 - Iain Mac Labhrainn

Chapter 16 - Gilly Salmon

Chapter 17 - Maria Grigoriadou, Kyparisia A. Papanikolaou, Grammatiki Tsaganou, Evangelia Gouli and Agoritsa Gogoulou

Chapter 18 - Emmanuel Duplaà, Telecom Paris, Hervé Piault and Hugues Choplin

Chapter 19 - Seb Schmoller

Chapter 20 - Thomas Pfeffer and Sjoerd de Vries

Chapter 21 - Dirk Schneckenberg

Chapter 22 - Dirk Schneckenberg and Helle Baekkelund

ecomp book end - Editors




It is extremely important to have all authors fill in their name, sign and date the below copyright statement.  If you have not sent this in, open and print the link, then FAX to Christina McDonald Legg, CELT at +353 91 525700 and ALSO POST a copy to Attn: Christina McDonald Legg, CELT, NUI Galway, AM 114, Galway, Ireland.

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Book Updates

In Seb Schmoller's chapter of the eCompetence book, entitled "CMALT - The Association for Learning Technology's Certified Membership Scheme", there is a typo on the first page for the website of the Association for Learning Technology (ALT).  The actual website is and you can contact the manager at



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